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Mailchimp Mailing List Integration
Mailchimp Mailing List Integration
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Note: the automatic insertion of the mailchimp subscribe form into supported themes has been disable, pending a review for GDPR double opt-in compliance.

A mailing list is a great way to communicate and keep in contact with your audience, potential buyers and fans. Building your mailing list on SupaDupa has never been easier. You can now connect your Mailchimp account to your SupaDupa account in as little as 3 simple clicks.
 Once connected, new subscribers on your SupaDupa website are automatically added to your nominated Mailchimp list seamlessly without your visitors or customers leaving your website.

 Connecting with your Mailchimp account

1. Log into your SupaDupa backoffice admin area.
 2. Navigate to your You on the web page

You can get there by selecting Marketing > You on the web from the navigation menu.
 Once there, click on the green "Connect" button (shown below) to get started.

 3. You will now be redirected to Mailchimp.

Authenticate the connection between your SupaDupa and your Mailchimp accounts by entering your Mailchimp username and password.

 4. You will now be redirected back to the "You on the web" page.

 5. Select a mailing list to use.

Select your preferred Mailchimp mailing list from the drop down menu as per below.

 6. Click Save changes
 ...and that's it.

How it works

Once you have connected your Mailchimp and SupaDupa accounts together as described in the Connecting with your Mailchimp account above, visitors and customers to your website and store will be able to subscribers to your mailing list without leaving your site. The following describes how this integration works across your site.
 Subscribers at the checkout
 Now when your customers opt-in at checkout using the "Subscribe to our newsletter" option, their details (email address, first name and last name) will be added to your nominated Mailchimp list. This all happens automatically once the order has been successfully placed.

 Subscribers from your website/store
 All the new themes now have a Mailchimp subscribe box built-in by default.
 Once you have connected your Mailchimp account to your SupaDupa account, the subscribe boxes will automatically appear within any of the compatible themes.
 The following themes (+ all future themes) have all been enabled to support the Mailchimp subscribe boxes automatically:

  • Mushi

  • TLA

  • TLA Chroma

  • TLA Noir

  • Sidekick

  • Midnight Sidekick

  • The Generic Mobile theme also has this built in by default.

 Subscribe box - Mushi

Subscribe box - TLA

 Subscribe box - Sidekick

 NOTE: If you are currently using customised versions of one of the above themes, it may be necessary to start again with a fresh SupaDupa version of the theme to get the updates.

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