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Mailing List Integration
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A mailing list is a great way to communicate and keep in contact with your audience of potential buyers and your fans. You can build your mailing list on SupaDupa easily.

First of all, if you are looking for some mailing list software then we currently recommend

On SupaDupa, there are several ways you can build your mailing list:

During Checkout
During the checkout phase, your customers will be asked if they would like to subscribe to YOUR mailing list. If customers select yes, then their email address is collected and stored within a spreadsheet which can be downloaded from within your SupaDupa Admin area. To access this spreadsheet, simply go into your Orders page and click on the 'Subscriber list' button as seen in the top right corner of the Orders page.

See below:

Once the file is downloaded, you can import them in to your mailing list software. This requires manual work on your part at the moment, we will have automatic integration in future.

On your boutique website - Mailing List Page
You can create an additional page on your boutique website that contains the code for a MailChimp mailing list signup form. To do this, you first need to get the signup code for your mailing list. In MailChimp after creating your new mailing list:

  1. Go to your "Lists" page:

  2. Click on the "Forms" link for your mailing list

  3. Click on the "Share It" link

  4. Adjust any options (choose between Super Slim form or Classic Form)

  5. Look in the box that says "Copy/paste" into your website. Select all of the text in the box, right click, and choose copy.

You then need to add a page to your boutique that will contain that form code:

  1. Log in to your account admin

  2. Click on the Pages tab

  3. Click on the green New Page button

  4. Enter a title for your page title (e.g, "Mailing List")

  5. Click on the Code -block

  6. In the content box, seen on the left hand side "Paste" the MailChimp code into the box.

  7. Click Save Changes

See below:

That's it!

You have now added a subscribe form to your website that your visitors can use without purchasing.

Please note that currently the link for the new page cannot be moved among your menus so depending on your theme may appear in the left, right, or footer of your page. We will be enabling moving links around in future. For now you can try different themes to find one that places it in a position you like if you are not happy. In addition, you can use the "Banners" feature to design a banner and link it to your mailing list page.

On your boutique website - HomePage
We will be releasing a way to add a subscribe box to your homepage later on, it is not currently possible at the moment. Please follow us on Facebook/Twitter to be notified of new releases and updates.

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