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Worldpay Payment Gateway Setup Instructions
Worldpay Payment Gateway Setup Instructions
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To set up payments through the WorldPay Credit Card Payment Gateway:
 1. First, create an account with WorldPay here:
 WorldPay Homepage:
 With WorldPay, you will need to create a business account that has the HTML Redirect option enabled.
 If in doubt about what this is or how to set it up correctly, please get in touch with WorldPay support who would be able to do this for you.
 2: Log Into WorldPay
 Log into your WorldPay account and note down the "Installation ID" for the installation set up for HTML Redirect.
 We will need this later.
 3: Configuring your WorldPay account
 a) Click on "Installations" from menu
 See here for details:
 b) Click on the "Integration Setup: PRODUCTION" button for your WorldPay business account.
 c) Add into the "Payment Response URL" box
 Please Note: you will need to do the same to the "Integration Setup: TEST" if you intend to do some test transactions.
 d) Tick the checkbox "Payment Response enabled?"
 See here for more details:
 e) Scroll down and click "Save Changes"
 .... and that's it.
 Before going further, be sure to have verified the following.
 If in doubt, we advise that you contact WorldPay support to confirm these details for you:
 a) That your account is indeed a business account
 b) That your account is setup for HTML Redirect
 c) That the Payment Response URL below is correctly added and enabled as per the details above.
 - add this endpoint: to Payment Response URL
 This is how SupaDupa will be informed by WorldPay's servers that a successful transaction has been completed.
 4. Login Into Your SupaDupa Back Office
 a) Go to ‘Shop Settings’ → ‘Shop’ , scroll down to the ‘Payment Details’ section.
 b) Switch the Credit Card Gateway toggle to YES
 c) Select ‘WorldPay' from the drop down list
 d) Enter the following details in the space provided:
 - Installation ID
 - Select your Accepted Credit Cards
 e) Click to SAVE CHANGES
 You’re done!

How to test to make sure your Worldpay gateway works correctly?
 Placing a test transaction/order:
 1: Be sure that you have enabled test mode for your Credit card gateway.
 2: Go to your SupaDupa store
 3: Add items to your basket and proceed to the checkout.
 4: At the checkout fill in your details.
 Use one of the test card numbers below to place your order.
 Test orders will appear in your ‘Orders’ tab which you can also use to simulate a test dispatch.
 Test orders will not affect your stock quantity.

Test Credit Card numbers for testing your Worldpay integration you can use any of the following card numbers to place your test orders. You can specify an expiry date up to seven years in the future. The test cards do not have a card verification code and issue number.

 Test Card Numbers:
 These test card numbers will only work for test orders so do not use once you go to production.
 Visa Debit:
 Visa Electron (UK only):
 Visa Purchasing:
 Note: Visa Purchasing transactions are treated as Visa credit card transactions.
 American Express:
 Discover card:
 German ELV
 To test German ELV payments in the test environment a correctly formatted account number (Kontonummer) and valid bank code (Bankleitzahl) should be used, for example:
 Account number: 12345678
 Bank code: 10000000
 Bank name: Bundesbank
 Bank residence: Berlin
 Payment Method | Bank Code | Account Number
 ELV | 20030000 | 92441196
 ELV | 43050001 | 122108525
 ELV | 30070024 | 5929120
 Please note that ELV must be activated in the production environment for merchants who would like to test ELV transactions.

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