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How do I drive more traffic and sales to my store?
How do I drive more traffic and sales to my store?
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Any success in the land of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is mostly due to the words, phrase and sentences contained within a given site. This is what the likes of Google, Bing and other search engines will use to rank you by, comparing you to the competition doing somethign similar to yourself.

Every product you sell should have a description that "sells" the item in a descriptive-storytelling sort of way that panders to the emotive senses of a would be buyer. You are probably already doing this but perhaps the items geared towards the younger generation could be further punctuated with details that panders to the buying parent or relative

Punctuating your product descriptions with a celebratory feel. For instance, a rucksack could be described as:

" This beautiful multicoloured schoolbag/rucksack is an ideal school bag for a little lady.
Strong and extremely light, it comes with adjustable shoulder straps for added comfort and mobility.

This bag has multiple pockets and compartments for storing your books, pens and other items. It also comes with a cute zipper front pocket that can be used to store personal belongings."

This is just an idea, but what is notable is that it tries to pander to the emotive sentiments of the reader. It also include key words you would want an item like this to be found for such as: "rucksack", "school bag for a little lady", "beautiful schoolbag", etc. This is how real people search for things and you should try to include such details in your descriptions.

Some tips on how you can get more traffic:

Here are some tips and advice on how you can build momentum and encourage more traffic and visits to your boutique which will hopefully lead to more sales.
Please feel free to try any or all of these ideas and apply them to as you deem fit. These things do take time and effort but I believe it will pay dividends in the not too distant future.

1: Engage more with your friends and fans via your Facebook

Facebook is a very powerful marketing engine that every brand should invest time in. It gives you the facilities to build a fan/customer base by connecting with similar like minded people who are also most likely your target audience. But.... it shouldn't be purely about hard "selling"! The art is to try and push out regular details, information and even general fun anecdotes that people will find interesting.

2: Engage more on your Twitter:

Another very powerful marketing engine where you should follow similar people/businesses of interest as yourself and study what they do and how they market themselves via this social channel. Twitter is a great place to release details of special deals, tips and tricks, offers, discount codes and of course stories about fun and celebration (even better if the stories or pictures show off your products).

Follow your competitors and find out who is talking about them. Anyone talking about them will most likely be interested in talking about you and the products you sell too.
Run a launch promotion

From experience, it can be very effective to run a launch promotion by way of a limited time coupon code.
You can then share this offer via your social networks, or on your (or friend's) blogs to drive traffic towards your new boutique.

3: Create a Blog site (if you don't already have one):

This is essentially your platform for telling your story and creating an emotive connection with what your do and why you do it.
It also serves as a place to show off your products via photographs of people carrying/wearing/using them or provide general information about how to care for items like the ones you sell.

You sell items that can potentially convey an aspirational reaction in people.
e.g. "I would love a briefcase like that...", "ooh, that schoolbag is so cool"

Good blog examples that showcase their wares in a non-salesy way:

Useful things you could do with your blog posts:

3.1: How To: People searching the Web often want to know how to do something. Tutorials are great traffic-drivers, and they provide readers with valuable information. Videos can also provide great tutorials, but if you choose that route you can include a transcript for SEO purposes. Oh... and use or to host any videos you decide to use (if applicable).

3.2: Guest Blog Post: Ask a colleagues or peer to write a guest post for your blog.
Not only will you gain a fresh voice on your blog, the links from your guest blogger's original site will help your site climb up in Google search results.

3.3: Find/take pictures, stories of people using items from your boutique.

- Share user testimonial, thank you letters etc from customers
- Take pictures of the look and put a list of items used and link theme to where they can be purchased.

The looks don't have to be limited to just items from your boutique. This could be a nice way of collaborating with other bloggers as well as you can use their items in your shots and they can use yours in theirs.

You then include details of where each item can be bought - i.e. link to your shop as well as those of the other parties, and they can do the same from their blog as well.

3.4: Editorial/Personal Anecdote and stories:

Readers like a good story. It helps them connect to your, your brand and your services in a very emotive way.
Remember, your SEO efforts are for Google, but your content should be for your readers.
You can use these blog posts to talk about you, your passions, your daily finds and your love for jewellery, etc

3.5: Get friends and blogs relevant to the typical wearer of your products to write about you/your products
Possible place to find relevant blogs: e.g.

4: Marketing via LookBook

Contact people on who talk about the types of jewellery you sell and see if they will be willing to include your products in future looks they wish to put together.
Get them to pick a piece from your boutique, send it to them and ask for the name and a link to the product page on your site to be included in the details of the look.

The trick is to find people on Lookbook with lots fans and see if they are happy to feature some of your products or even advertise your boutique via a banner or your logo that links back to your SupaDupa boutique.

Search for looks that include brief case etc. e.g.:

Example of a typical put together looks:

The rule of thumb is that the more places to have your links on the quicker it would be for the various search engines to discover your site. The benefit of this is so you can start showing up in search result on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

However, the process of being discovered can take some time but there are a few things you can do to help kick start things straightaway.

1: Submit your sitemap.xml file to Google for indexing.

You can find details of what you need to do under "MARKETING" >> "Get Discovered" in your boutique's admin area. I include a direct link here for your convenience:

The following support articles might also be useful:

Some other useful links:

This article is to be updated frequently, as new suggestions and questions arise - be sure to check back!

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