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How can I add a newsletter subscriber popup form to my online store
How can I add a newsletter subscriber popup form to my online store
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PLEASE NOTE: Adding a newsletter signup popup form will require access to the advanced customisation tool which is only available on the Business plan and above. It will also require copying the form code from the pop-up modal (available within your email campaign service provider) and adding the code to your store's HTML. If you're not familiar with HTML code, please reach out to us for further technical assistance.

Although we find signup popup forms more of a hindrance to your online store and don't recommend popups, you do of course have the choice to add one should you wish.

To do this, you'll first need to sign up to an email campaign service provider such as: MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Tiny Letter to name a few. It's from here where you can retrieve the popup signup form code for your mailing list and simply copy/paste the signup code using the advanced customisation tool available within the the Design section.

To add a popup newsletter signup form to your online store, simply go ahead and:

1. Log in to your SupaDupa admin

2. Click on the Design tab.

3. Click on the spanner icon which is the third icon from the top left.
This section allows you to modify the HTML and CSS of your theme. See below:

4. From here, click on the 'use filler content' toggle to disable it. This means you can start editing your store's content rather than the demo content.

5. Then you need to decide if this signup popup form is to appear on every page of your store, or a particular page. We recommend that the signup form should only appear the moment customers land on the homepage. Otherwise it could disrupt the user's online shopping experience.

To add a popup form to the homepage, select the home template, seen on the left hand side.

6. Simply copy and paste the signup popup code snippet given to you by your email campaign service provide (such as, Mailchimp) directly into the home template at the very bottom, below the closing tag </div>

7. Finally, click the 'Save As Copy' toggle so it becomes green. See below

If you're editing a theme that you have not already customised, you'll be prompted to give this theme a name.
This theme will then be visible from 'My Themes', a section you can access from the 'Design' section.


8. If you'd like to immediately apply your changes, turn off the 'Save As Copy' toggle so it becomes grey.
The changes will then be applied to your theme once you click Save changes.
See below:

That's it - you're popup form has been added to your store!

For more details on new subscriber popup forms, please reach out to your email campaign service.
If you're using Mailchimp, you can read their support article here: New Subscriber Popup Forms

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