From time to time, we are notified by customers of our member boutiques about not receiving goods they have ordered and paid for.

In these situations, many of these customers would have already contacted you (the boutique owner) for updates on the status of their orders.

And where they haven't already done so, we will always encourage them to do so. We believe our involvement in these matters are best left as an absolute last resort.

We remain sympathetic to the fact that there may be valid reasons for the lack of fulfilment on your part but cannot emphasise enough the importance of keeping your customers informed of any delays or disruptions in getting their goods to them. The way you choose to conduct your business is entirely up to you. Your customers are yours and their interactions with your brand is always best served by you.

Please note that you are required by law to deliver on goods already paid for or issue a full refund for the goods if you are unable to do so. Any failure to carry out reasonable attempts to fulfil goods constitutes online fraud. As a result, we may be asked by your payment provider or the customer's issuing bank to progress matters further.

If this happens, it may be necessary to suspended your boutique until all reasonable measures have been taken by you to resolve the situation.

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