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If I pay in Dollars will my bank charge me?
If I pay in Dollars will my bank charge me?
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SupaDupa is a UK business but we currently charge for access to our subscription plans in US Dollars whilst we refine some of our multi-currency setup. We plan to introduce other currencies (GBP and Euro) in future.

If you are in the UK with a UK bank account and wondering if you will be charged anything extortionate because of the exchange rate or bank fees, the answer should hopefully be no.

Because of the rate of the strength of the Pound Sterling against other world currencies such as the US Dollar, now is a great time to purchase goods and services in US Dollar. Many things can often be cheaper.

To give you an example, we personally tested a personal boutique open with SupaDupa on the "Business" plan which costs $19 a month.

As an example of the total amount billed, our bank statement (NatWest) shows a charge for USD 19.00 at an Exchange Rate of 1.5409 with a Transaction Charge of £1.25 and a secondary ERTF (Exchange Rate Transaction Fee) of £0.34. This resulted in a total charge of £13.92 in this case ((19 / 1.5409) + 1.25 + 0.34 = 13.92), which we would still consider to be a reasonable price.

To put this in perspective, our native UK GBP pricing will end up at around £16 for the Business plan for example (due to VAT, etc), so you are currently getting a good deal purchasing your SupaDupa account in US Dollars, even if your bank charges a pound for the privilege.

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