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PayPal issue affected orders placed on SupaDupa
PayPal issue affected orders placed on SupaDupa
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Updated: 18:00 GMT 10th October 2014

On 9th October, a PayPal issue arose, affecting the handling of Shipping for Orders on the SupaDupa platform. This was an issue acknowledged by PayPal, albeit one where no ETA for a solution was provided. The issue has since been resolved, with full functionality restored from 17:00 GMT on the same day.

What was the impact?

The issue caused two significant problems for SupaDupa store owners:

  • Shipping was not being charged by PayPal when customers were paying for an Order

  • Order notifications were sent to store owners, but the Order did not show up in the SupaDupa store backend

How was this resolved?

PayPal could not provide us with an ETA for when the matter will be resolved. Given this, we set out to modify how the SupaDupa platform communicates with PayPal in a bid to work around the issue. This has since successfully rolled out and we continue to monitor the situation closely.

What now?

Functionality is now fully restored, with Shipping correctly being charged, and the order showing up in your SupaDupa store backend without trouble. The Orders which were placed on the day - but which were not appearing, should now be appearing on your store - this will occur as PayPal resends the IPN notification.

Regarding the Shipping cost which was not charged to the customer - this is an issue that you will need to raise with PayPal. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do at this stage to obtain the Shipping costs that were not charged - and where possible we ask that you work with PayPal, and your customer to resolve the affected orders in a manner that best works for you.

We understand fully the inconvenience this may have caused and thank you kindly for the patience demonstrated while we worked to resolve the matter.

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