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Add page links to your store's navigation menu
Add page links to your store's navigation menu
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For each of the navigation menus in your store - you have the ability to add, remove and edit any of the links. You may want to add a link to your Twitter account into the main menu at the top of your store, you may want to sort the links, or you may want to add a link to a Page you have created to another menu than the default.

In this support video, you will learn how to add a page link to your main navigation menu.

 Video not helpful? Read through the written explanation below:
 In these steps, we detail how to add a link to a page, to your main navigation menu.
 The process will be similar for the other types of link you can add:
 Step 1
 Go to the Menus section,which you'll find by the 'Settings' section of the left hand navigation.

 Step 2
 Click to edit the desired menu - in this case, the 'Main' Menu.

 Step 3
 Click the 'Add another link' button at the bottom of the list of links - which will append a new link row.

 Step 4
 Enter a 'Link title' - which is the text as shown to the visitor of your store. Often, this will match the name of the page or collection you are linking to - but it can be any text you like.

 Step 5
 Now, in the 'Links to' column, select where you would like the link to go to when clicked. You have a few options - such as being able to select a product or collection, or a regular URL if you have a specific address you'd like to use. Note that where applicable, a further dropdown will appear - such as for Product, which will allow you to select a particular product.​
 Step 6
 Finally, click Save Changes to see changes within your shop.


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