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Orders not showing in SupaDupa
Orders not showing in SupaDupa
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If you receive Payment Notifications from PayPal by email but you cannot see the order in SupaDupa then PayPal may be having some difficulties in sending a notification from their servers to our servers.

We rely on PayPal to send notifications to our servers to verify that payment was received for the order. To assist PayPal's servers with notifying us about a transaction, you can:

Use this direct link to get to the IPN History page (You need to be logged into PayPal account):


Follow the steps below
1) Log in to your PayPal account
2) Locate the IPN History page
3) Find the transaction in the list
4) Resend the notification for the missing transaction

There is a PayPal guide here that may assist:

If that still does not help your order to show up on SupaDupa after say, an hour or so, then your next step should be to take some screenshots of your PayPal account that show the transaction that is not showing in SupaDupa. Additionally, on the IPN transaction details page within PayPal that has a big text box with an "IPN Message", copy/paste the contents of that in an email to us along with the screenshots. We will then be able to investigate further.

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