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Sub-menus for your collections
Sub-menus for your collections
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Sub-menus (also known as a sub categories, or perhaps drop downs) are a great way to better organise the products listed in your primary collection. Adding sub-menus to your store are done in two separate parts: first you create the collections that you'll eventually link to from the dropdown, then you create the actual menu that will be used as the dropdown.

Part 1 - Create Your Collections

Before you add sub-menus to your Collections menu, we would suggest creating a plan, listing both your primary collections and then your secondary collections, bearing in mind you know where you would like each product to appear within the collection. 

For example: For an online fashion store selling both mens and women's wear, you may decide to have the following collections:
 Primary Collection: WOMEN
 Secondary Collection (Sub category): Bags, dresses, jeans, swimwear
Primary Collection: MEN
Secondary Collection (Sub category): Hoodies, shorts, shoes, ties
Once you're happy with your collections list, you'll be in a better position to start adding both primary and secondary collections to the Collections section of your SupaDupa admin. If you're not sure how to do this, please check out our support article: How to add a collection
When ALL collections (both primary and secondary) have been added, you're then ready to complete Part 2.

 PART 2: Add Sub-Menu To The Collections Menu

For part 2 we've created a handy support video below, where you will learn how to add sub-menus/drop downs to the Collections Menu of your online store

 Still not clear? Here's a written guide...

To create a sub-menu (also known as a drop down menu, or perhaps sub-category), you need to first create a new navigation menu that contains all the links you want within your sub-menu. Next, you will need to attach the newly created navigation menu to an existing Link that needs to show the sub-menu.
You do this by editing the Link and selecting Sub-menu as the Links to location, then selecting the newly created submenu as the Link destination. Here are the steps to carry out:

Step 1

Click the 'new menu' button which appears at the top right of the Menu page, which can be reached by clicking 'Menus' from the Settings menu on the left hand side.


Step 2

Give the new Menu a name. This name is not shown to users, and is simply serves as a way for you to refer to this menu later. If your store features various brands for example, then this menu may be given the name 'Brands'.

 Step 3

From here, go ahead and add all your links. Following with the 'Brands' example, let's say we have a bunch of collections, one for each brand. Here we'll want to add one link per collection - with each set up to point to the corresponding collection.

 Step 4

 Now that you have your submenu - all you need to do is edit the Menu which you would like the dropdown to appear in. So go back to the Menu section, and click to edit the desired navigation. In this case, we're wanting to add the dropdown to the 'Main' menu, so we click to edit it.


 Step 5

 Now, add a new link, giving it a link title such as 'Brands', and then selecting 'Sub-menu' as the 'Links to' column. Now select the sub-menu you just created from the dropdown in the 'Link destination' column.

 Step 6

 Finally, save changes - and when visiting your store, you'll see that clicking the 'Brands' link will expand to reveal the links of the new menu you had created and linked to.

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