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Testing your store using PayPal via test transactions
Testing your store using PayPal via test transactions
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To test how your checkout would work with a payment gateway like PayPal, we suggest conducting an actual purchase.

To do this, please go ahead and:

Step 1
Log into your SupaDupa admin

Step 2
Click on the Products tab

Step 3
Go into a Product

Step 4
Set the product price to say £0.10 / $0.10, then set it to free shipping.

Step 5
Click Save changes and hit the Preview button

Step 6
Add this item to your basket and click Checkout

Go through to Checkout, Click the PayPal button and make the payment

Once the order has been placed, you should notice the order appear within your Orders section of your SupaDupa admin. Further, you will also receive an order notification from both PayPal and SupaDupa.

If the test order has not appeared within your SuapDupa admin, please contact for further assistance.

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