You may have created a page which isn't quite ready to be displayed in your online store. Or perhaps you're adding your latest collection which you don't want your shoppers to see. In cases like these, you are going to want to hide the page links.

In this support video, you will learn how to hide all page links by using the Navigation Menu Tool.

Video not helpful? Read through the written explanation below:

Step 1
Click on Settings > Menu

Step 2
Click to edit the desired menu - in this case, the 'Pages' Menu. See below:

Step 3
Identify the page you would like to hide or show, and click on the Show toggle beside the page listed. This will now become grey if you would like to hide the link or green if you would to make it visible within your live store
See below:

Step 4
Finally, click Save Changes to see changes within your shop.

That's it - you're done!

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