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How do I part-refund or cancel an Order?
How do I part-refund or cancel an Order?
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If you have received an item, with multiple items purchased (or multiple in quantity), you may find yourself in a situation where you want to cancel and refund some of the items, while fulfilling the rest. This may be due to a lack of stock, or because the customer themselves has requested a refund for example.

The first important point to note is that:

Refunds take place at the Payment Gateway not at SupaDupa.

So to refund, or part-refund a customer, you'll do so at PayPal, or Stripe for example.

With that done, the recommended workflow at present is to do the following:

1. Part-fulfil the order, selecting the items you are wanting to ship

2. Part-refund the order at your payment gateway, as noted above

3. Optionally: then mark the order as ‘cancelled’ at SupaDupa, as a means of marking the order as ‘closed’. We also recommend that you add an order note, for your own future reference.

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