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Setting up ecommerce Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics
Setting up ecommerce Goals and Funnels in Google Analytics
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To set up your ecommerce goals and funnels in Google Analytics, you need the checkout thanks page url for your ecommerce tracking.

Although your boutique's checkout "thanks page" is not on your specific boutique domain, We do push ecommerce data through to your Google Analytics account if you have added your analytics tracking code to your boutique.

A typical checkout thanks page url looks something like this:

So, to setup you Goals and Funnels, you will need to use the regEx pattern below as the pattern for matching your thanks page goal url. (without the quotes).


So your Goal Url setup will have the following values:

Goal Url: carts\/[^\/]*\/thanks

Match Type: Regular Expression

Case Sensitive: No (leave this unchecked)

Goal Value: 0 (leave this as it is)

For more details on how to set up your Goals in Google Analytics, please see the following helpful resources:

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