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Can I use a Framed Redirect for my domain?
Can I use a Framed Redirect for my domain?
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No, do NOT use a framed redirect for your SupaDupa boutique.

PS: **The redirect question only applies to redirecting your non-www domain root to your www sub-domain. Your www sub-domain should be configured as a CNAME, please see our other domain articles.**

Your checkout will not work correctly if you use a framed or masked redirect, and customers will not be able to purchase from your boutique.

Your Domain provider may offer you a choice of 2 types of redirects when configuring your domain name, they may be something like:

1/. Framed Redirect (may also be called a masked redirect.)
2/. Standard Redirect (may also be called a HTTP 301 or Permanent redirect.)

What's the difference?

The Framed redirect may mention masked URLs and may offer you the ability to add SEO keywords or meta tags to your framed page, but these are NOT good. These options came about in the 1990's and unfortunatly they have proliferated and are even offered as a value added service by domain name providers. It should be noted they are NOT a value added service, and in fact HARM your SEO and rankings because your domain is not configured optimally. Your SupaDupa boutique has SEO optimisations in it, so you are not missing out on anything by not choosing this service. A framed redirect is not a real redirect either. You end up with 2 different domains and sites, with the latter embedded in an IFRAME in the first.

The Standard redirect is correct. The standard or Permanent redirect will make it so that when a user types in into their browser, they are forwarded to The A record for your domain still points to your domain provider's web server. Your domain provider then issues a HTTP 301 redirect to your SupaDupa boutique when a user visits your domain without the www prefix. This is the choice you want. You will end up with a single final domain for your SupaDupa boutique, search engines will not be confused and your checkout will work correctly.

Again, this is important.
Do NOT use a framed or masked redirect.

You MUST use a HTTP 301 Permanent redirect.

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