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How to use URL Redirects
How to use URL Redirects
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If you have recently opened a store, URL redirects is an aspect you do not need to worry about just yet. URL redirects predominantly applies to the scenario where you want to change your product slug (URL), while not causing a broken link for anyone who has linked to, or bookmarked the URL as it currently is.

When you change a product slug from the product edit page, SupaDupa will automatically create a URL redirect for you - pointing the old URL, to the new URL you have entered. Given this, the URL Redirects page serves as a helpful reminder of the URLs you have in place, but in most cases, you won’t need to interact with the page at all.

Manually adding / removing URL Redirects

That said, if you want to manually add or remove redirects, here’s how:

1. First download the current URL Redirects CSV using the bottom at the top right.

You’ll see the CSV is in the following format:


2. Go ahead and add or remove entries.

Note that each link is a redirect - with the first value being the ‘from’ path, and the second value being the ‘destination’ path - the location you want to send the user too.

3. After having made your desired changes, head back to the ‘URL Redirects’ page and upload your modified CSV. Note that this will clear the redirects list, and replace it with what you have uploaded.

Further considerations

  • having hundred’s of active URL redirects may affect the performance of your store - so keep the redirects limited to those that you feel are necessary, where possible.

  • Be sure to leave off the trailing forward splash in the 'from' path - as this will cause the path to not be matched.

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