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Can I use the non-www domain as my default?
Can I use the non-www domain as my default?
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Suppose you have a boutique and a domain name of You want to know if you can have your default domain configured to "" (without the www) instead of "" (with the www).

The answer to this is No.

SupaDupa uses the www domain name format because of the way the Internet and Domain Name System (DNS) works.

When using the www as your default domain, it enables you to configure your DNS in such a way (by following our guides) that it allows us to continue to upgrade the SupaDupa platform without any additional downtime for your website.

The DNS configuration that would be required to use the non-www domain as your final destination is subtly different enough from a technical perspective to cause major problems for your boutique any time we perform any significant infrastructure upgrades.

We have done several of these major platform upgrades in the past year and they have worked smoothly for the people who have followed our guides. For the people who decided not follow our guides and decided to do their own thing instead, their boutiques stopped working. There will likely be many more of these major upgrades to follow in the next few years as we mature and develop the SupaDupa platform.

Also note, once you have correctly configured your domain name with to use the www version as the final destination, you can still hand out the non-www ( domain on your business cards and marketing materials to make it look nice, and the visitor would still end up on your working website without error if they attempted to visit, which is the most important thing.

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