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Domain Name: BlueHost (Subdomain)
Domain Name: BlueHost (Subdomain)
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How do I set up a sub-domain on BlueHost?

This article explains how you can make your SupaDupa store accessible on a subdomain, for example, if you have a website "" which has a blog and some articles, and you would like to setup your SupaDupa shop as "", read this article.

Step 1
Within your Blue Hosting account, select the DNS Zone Editor icon in the Domains section.

Step 2
- Select the domain you're modifying from the drop-down box and scroll down to the heading named Add DNS Record
- In the Host Record field add 'shop
- Leave the TTL field at it's default setting
- Select CNAME, from the drop-down labeled Type
- In the Points To field, enter ‘’.
- Click on the Add Record button to create the record

See below:

Step 4
Ok, now for the easy bit.

Return to your SupaDupa back office and go to the domains section located in Setting > Domains.

Click the green button to add a ‘NEW DOMAIN’.
Type in the domain you wish to add (remember to include the www) e.g.

Click the button to SAVE CHANGES.

You will be returned to the domains list where you should now click on toggle beside your custom domain and set the default domain name for your online store. See below:

That's it - you're done!

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