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Domain Name Guide: Yahoo Small Business
Domain Name Guide: Yahoo Small Business
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The following is a step-by-step guide to how to use your own domain for your online store once you have bought it on Yahoo Small Business. Please note that other Registrars’ DNS management interfaces will be different and can have slight variances in the way the following instructions apply. Start off by reading the Domain Name Overview for the big picture, then following the steps below.

Let’s get started:

Step 1

First we will set up the CNAME, which points from the 'www' of your domain, to From the Domain Control Panel within your account, click to 'Manage Advanced DNS Settings' (the third option in the list):

Step 2

From here, click to 'Add Record', which appears above the list of DNS records you currently have:

Step 3

Now, on the page where you can add an A Record or CNAME, you'll want to enter 'www' into the 'Source' field. Then, enter '' into the 'Destination' field. Then click 'Submit' to save your changes. As part of this process, you may get prompted that the system will need to delete some records you have to allow this change to happen - click to accept this action.

Step 4

With the CNAME setup, you'll now want to set up the web forward from to - this is so that customers can reach your store whether or not they remember to include the 'www'. To do so, go back to your 'Domain Control Panel, and click to enter the 'Forward Your Domain' section - which is second in the list shown in the first screenshot within this article.

Step 5
From here, you'll want to click 'Create Forward'...

Step 6

Now, in the proceeding window, you'll want to enter into the 'Destination Address' field (where '' is the actual custom domain you are wanting to use). Then click 'continue'.

Step 7

Very importantly, the next step lets you choose between a Standard forward - or a Masked Forward. You will want to select the 'Standard Forward'. If you select the Masked Forward, it can lead to numerous issues for your store - including the checkout. This completes the changes at your domain registrar - please give it at least 6 hours (in case cases, up to 24 hours) before the changes take affect.

Step 8

Ok, now for the easy bit.

Return to your SupaDupa back office and go to the domains section located in Settings > Domains.

Click the green button to add a ‘NEW DOMAIN’.
Type in the domain you wish to add (remember to include the www) e.g.

Click the button to SAVE CHANGES.

You will be returned to the domains list where you should now click on toggle beside your custom domain and set the default domain name for your online store. See below:

Any questions? Get in touch!

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