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HTTPS support for your store
HTTPS support for your store
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For those on the Business plan and above, a free SSL certificate is provided for your store, providing a completely secured experience throughout the store. Note that the sensitive areas of your store such as the checkout, are of course HTTPS for all stores. This feature means you do not need to purchase a costly SSL certificate of your own.

Why is the browser complaining that my site is not secure?

If you are not seeing the shiny green padlock when visiting your store with https:// , then it is likely that you are making use of images or code snippets on your homepage which are using the http://  protocol.

Assuming that the remote asset (such as an hosted image for example), supports HTTPS, then you can update the URL to be 'protocol-less', which will cause the browser to match the protocol you are currently on. Here's an example of what to change:

So what does this mean for my store?

If the above still leaves you a little unclear on what, if anything you need to do in light of this news. Rest assured, you can continue as you are. In time, as browsers, Google and the web in general move towards using HTTPS by default, you're store will be ready for it.

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