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How do I use Facebook Pixel for my store?
How do I use Facebook Pixel for my store?
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SupaDupa now supports Facebook Pixel, without needing to customise your theme. The support here includes the Pixel Basic Code and at present, five standard events which are:

  • Search

  • ViewContent

  • AddToCart

  • InitiateCheckout

  • Purchase

The feature is enabled for only a select few stores at present. Please contact support if the feature is missing from you store. Note that if you are using this method to add Facebook Pixel support to your store - the order conversion tracking is automatically handled.

How to enable Facebook Pixel support?

  1. Grab your Facebook Pixel ID. You can find this by visiting the Pixels section of your Facebook Adverts Manager. It appears on the main dashboard, at the top right of the page.

  2. Visit the Shop Settings of your SupaDupa store - you'll find this as the first option of the 'Settings' sub-menu on the left hand side.ย 

  3. Scroll down to the Facebook Pixel field, and paste in your Pixel ID. Save changes and your done!

... and then what?

With your Facebook Pixel ID saved, SupaDupa will automatically generate the Facebook Pixel code and include it in every page of your store, including the checkout. Further, the standard events will be triggered as noted at the top of this article. When a search is performed in your store for example, the 'Search' event will be recorded, with the term used in the search.
Soon after saving your Pixel ID, you should start seeing statistics within your Facebook Adverts Manager account. To verify for yourself that all is working, grab the Facebook Pixel Chrome extension, where you'll see the details of the data sent to Facebook on each page.

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