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Creating a custom 404 page
Creating a custom 404 page
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By default, whenever a customer tries to access a page on your store which no longer exists (because you've deleted the product for example), we show a generic 404 page which looks like the following: 

You have the ability to create a custom page to use as your 404 page. This simply involves creating a page as per normal, but giving it the path /pages/404-page . The platform will then automatically use this in place of the usual 404 page, when such an error occurs. Here's the steps to take:

  1. Visit the Pages section of your SupaDupa backoffice, and create a new page. For the purposes of this example, we'll go with the Blank template, and insert our chosen content. Here I've gone with a simple page with a single image block containing an image found through a Google Images search:

2. When happy with your page, we now need to set the page title, which will have the path automatically set when it is saved. To do so, click on the Page Settings Icon, which is the 'page' icon found at the top left of the screen:

3. From here, give your page the title 404 page  and click save. 

4. The page will now be saved, and the path  for your page would have been set to /pages/404-page based on the title you used. And that's it! To test your 404 page, simply head to a page that does not exist on your store, such as:  and you'll see your shiny new 404 page in all its glory:

Note that if you want to use an existing page as your 404 page, simply go back to Page settings as described above, and simply change the path to /pages/404-page . Setting the path explicitly in the steps of this article was not necessary as the path is automatically set when creating a new page. Any questions? Get in touch!

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