The following article describes what a typical customer sees when they proceed to checkout and pay for their products.

Let's start this journey at:

The basket.
In this example, you can see that the customer has added 3 items to their basket with a total order value of £316.99
When ready, the customer clicks on the checkout button to proceed to the checkout screen where they will enter their billing and delivery details.

The Checkout
Your customer now proceeds to your checkout where they can enter their delivery address and billing details.
This is also where their shipping charges are calculated based on their shipping destination they specify in their delivery address.
Once complete the customer clicks on the 'Checkout with PayPal button to proceed to make payment on PayPal.

At PayPal...

The customer can now choose to pay via Credit Card or by using their Paypal account.

Once they make payment the funds appear in your PayPal account and both you and the customer are notified via email that an order has been placed.

You will then see the order appear in your back office where it can be fulfilled.

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