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Domain Name Guide: 1&1
Domain Name Guide: 1&1
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This article will take you through the steps of pointing your domain name to your SupaDupa store. Specifically, the steps here will configure the www  subdomain of your domain to point to your SupaDupa store (e.g ), and have it so that the non-www  redirects to your store - so that customers will reach your store regardless of whether or not they remember to include the www .

  1. Log into your 1&1 account, and visit the Domains  section - which you'll find on the left hand menu, under My Products . From here, click on the name of your domain from the Domains list, which will take you to the management page for your domain.

2. First we will set up the redirect from non-www  to www. To do this, you'll want to edit the 'Destination' for your domain, by clicking 'Use your domain':

3. Then click on Forward Domain:

4. Then enter  as the Redirect destination, making sure to leave the Redirect type as HTTP Redirect Recommended . Then click Save. That's the re-direct done!

5. Now we move onto point your full domain (with the www  included) to your SupaDupa store. With 1&1, we'll do this by creating the www subdomain, and having it point to SupaDupa via a CNAME record. First, click your domain management page, click on Subdomains.

6. Click to Add subdomain and from the Create Subdomain modal that appears, enter www  for the subdomain name and click Save:

7. From here, enter the Destination section for the subdomain - and this time, rather than select redirect, we're going to edit DNS settings. From the 'Edit DNS Settings' view for the 'www' subdomain, look for the 'A/AAA and CNAME Records' section - and then click on CNAME:

Enter and the Alias, and then click to confirm that you are aware this will effect your current settings, before clicking Save .

That's the hard parts done. Now all that's needed is to add the domain to your SupaDupa store back office, and mark it as your default domain. For these steps, check out Step 10 onwards of our GoDaddy Domain article, to complete the process. Any questions, get in touch?

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