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SupaDupa supports credit card payments through a growing number of payment gateways.
When using a credit card gateway, you'll be able to take credit card payments directly within the checkout.

The supported Payment Gateways include:

Barclays ePDQ Extra Plus

To start using your payment gateway you can activate it in your back office by:

  1. Click on the 'Settings' tab and choose 'Payment Methods'

  2. Activate the 'Credit Card Gateways' toggle

  3. Select your 'Payment Gateway' account and enter the credentials as indicated

  4. Save changes and you are done!

Your checkout will now be enabled with credit card payment handling through the gateway you specified.

If you also have a PayPal account you wish to use with your store, you can leave that enabled. Your customers will be given the choice of paying via PayPal or using a credit card supported by your gateway.

* If you are not signed up to a dedicated payment gateway to accept credit card payments you can do so via PayPal, which will allow your store visitors with a PayPal account to use their PayPal account to pay, or for people that do not have a PayPal account they will be able to use their Credit Card on PayPal (without an account).

Test Mode

Certain Payment Gateways handle transactions as test based on the gateway credentials used (e.g Stripe), while others, such as Braintree, have the setting as an explicit option. Either way, be sure you are testing with the card credentials given by the gateway - as a test mode transaction will fail if you try using a real card of your own.

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