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Domain Name Overview
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 If you would like to use your own custom domain name with SupaDupa, you will need to first purchase the domain from any domain registrar, then configure the domain to point to SupaDupa. You will also need to add the domain to your SupaDupa account, and choose to have it as the 'default domain' for your store. The custom domains feature on SupaDupa is available on any paid plans.

SupaDupa is not a domain registrar, so you cannot purchase a domain directly from SupaDupa, nor can SupaDupa 'host' the domain for you. To clarify: setting up a custom domain for your SupaDupa store does not involve transferring the domain to us. The process of using your own custom domain name on SupaDupa, is to simply point a domain name (via a CNAME DNS record), to SupaDupa. The result is the same, and seamless.

To clarify the steps you’ll need to take:
 1. First you’ll need to purchase a domain name.

You can purchase you domain name via a site like GoDaddy.
 To set up the domain, see our GoDaddy guide here.

 2. Next, you’ll need to configure the domain to point to your SupaDupa store. Using the control panel provided by your domain registrar (where you purchased the domain), you’ll need to go to the ‘Advanced DNS’ section and create a CNAME record for the ‘www’ host pointing to

 3. The next step will be to create a web forwarding redirect from the non-www of your domain, to the www, i.e from - to, which will mean customers using the ‘www’ or not, will be able to reach your store. Importantly, this MUST NOT be a masked redirect, which will cause your checkout to not work.

 4. Finally, you’ll want to add your domain to the Domains section of your SupaDupa Backoffice, and set is as default.
​ Note: If you would like us to configure your domain name for you - simply reach our to us at SupaDupa support, and include a link to your domain registrar, your username, and a temporary password - and we'll handle the rest to get you up and running in no time.

Please search our support section section for specific guides for the most popular domain registrars. If your domain does not appear in the list, or you are wanting to use a subdomain such as ‘’ for your store, try this guide for 'Other domain registrars’, which has more details.

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